get to know lacie

Love, from the beginning of time it has challenged the limits of human expression. Song writers and poets have honored love with myriad metaphors and melodies. Novelists, dramatists and screenwriters have given us inspiring and moving stories of “star-crossed lovers.”

If these artistic efforts teach us anything, it is that while love is a universal human experience, each individual expression of love is unique. So too is each wedding.

Lacie Hansen is professional wedding photographer based in Santa Barbara who has been shooting weddings throughout southern California since 2004. A Midwest girl who migrated to California to attend Brooks Institute of Photography. Through her schooling Lacie became inspired to look at wedding photography as more than just recording an event; each wedding is unique and Lacie strives to capture that within in her work.

“For me the biggest thrill in what I do is that no two weddings are the same. Each couple has a different story and a unique personality. My goal is capturing the essence of a wedding’s special moments.”